Injection Molding
We offer turnkey solutions for injection molded parts.

Point-of-Purchase Displays
We create unique looks and styles that achieve our customer's marketing goals.

Plastic Fabrication
Our custom plastic fabrication capabilities take concepts from the design stage to the sales floor.
We provide a full array of screen-printed applications.
Vacuum And Pressure Forming
We can offer excellent options for mid-range production of bezels, covers, enclosures and trays.

Custom Lightboxes
We offer custom lightboxes Lightboxes are great alter- natives to neon signs.

Focal Point Plastics provides custom rotomolding for a broad group of industries and applications.
Concept & Design
Focal Point Plastics offers technical information concerning manufacturing techniques and materials.
Metal Fabrication
We think outside the box with determination and creative solutions for all your metal fabrication needs.
Focal Point Plastics provides SLA and urethane cast parts while keeping cost and quality in mind.

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